Saturday, 31 December 2011

new fabric new fabric...

I have been sewing quite a bit the last few days... I've been working on a pink hexagon quilt that I started back in september. I've nearly finished the top, so I'll grab some pictures when it's done. I've also started to get excited about new quilts and new colour combinations and all the possiblities! I've ordered lots of new fabric online which will arrive in the next few days... and I also got some new fabric for Christmas.

The two top pictures are fabric that Bert bought me - the wonderful 'prom' fabric and the other with kitties and trees on. I love them. The second two pictures are fabrics I bought in John Lewis the other day. I only bought the pink one  because it was half price, but now I love it and wish I'd bought more, it looks great with the greeny-blue fabric (an Amy Butler design).yum.

In other news... it's new years eve! we are staying in and watching dvds and discussing the books we've read over the past year. I know you must all be jealous. Happy new year!!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

bert's quilt? yeah, i finished it.

I am not even sure how long this took... about 7 months? here are the pictures!

the front....

 the back....
  a few felt hearts...

 Sadie helped a lot with the quilt. mainly by sitting on it.
 here you can see the stitching on the back - I went for quite a dark thread (too dark maybe?)
and sewed star shapes. I read recenlty that it was a good idea to sew pieces of turquoise into your clothes to bring you good luck while travelling - it creates a protective force field around you. So I sewed a bit of turquoise in to Bert's quilt... you can see the little crystal in the photo above...
...and then I sewed the turquoise under the white heart. You can still see the turquoise through the felt which is great.  I'm going to sew a little crystal into all my quilts from now on.  How cute would it be to get some crystals for insomnia or ones for happy dreams and sew them into a quilt??

good points....
  • overall am pretty happy with the quilt
  • I like the colours
  • I am awesome at binding now.
bad points....
  • the sewing on the patchwork top is not great...
  • I found this quite a difficult patchwork shape to work with... and had to unpick quite a few times
  • the actual quilting could be better too... I maybe should have done a simpler quilting pattern... maybe just straight lines.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

gingerbread (and sugarbread) men on tour....

I made A LOT of gingerbread men for Christmas (and sugarbread men too - the pink ones) fact I even seemed to get a gingerbread men injury! (sore wrist from sewing and stuffing...)

I sent a few out to lovely bloggers... and thought it would be nice to share the photos here. I hope that's ok everyone!

 knitxcore in the USA
 a gingerbread man at Bert's brothers house.... in England
 allotment2kitchen in Scotland
 lucewoman in Wales
 do a bit  in Australia
 My friend Nicola in England
and Arabella's tree in Wales...

and this is the one that inspired them all...

this gingerbread man is in the collections (not on display) in St Fagans:National History Museum where I work. This little man is from around 1912... and is still looking in tip top condition. The person who made this gingerbread man may have been doing so for magical reasons - you could create a doll in the image of someone (poor person who looks like this!) and then if you ate the doll you would absorb all the power of the person.

if anyone else has any gingerbread men pictures for me let me know!

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

what i wore - outfit post

This is what I wore for our Boxing Day walk in the rain yesterday. Bert also had a cute outfit on but he was a teeny bit grumpy about having to go for a walk in the rain and so didn't get his photo taken....

 have I shown you my cape before? it's a vintage 60s one and I bought it last year. My blue handbag is from an art gallery in Finland which I bought when I was on a cruise.....the gloves are my wonderful gloves made by kestrel finds and makes.
I am aware that this outfit is slightly crazy. plus a cape is hugely not practical - you can't drive in it or carry a shoulder bag. I think it's mainly for nights out at the opera.
hope you had a lovely christmas! we did here.xx

Saturday, 24 December 2011

winding down....

I've been so busy in work recently, as well as spending evenings making things for Christmas... and then the last couple of days have been spent doing errands and food shopping and all of that stuff and by yesterday I was just worn out (not as worn out as say, people working in retail... sorry bert) so I got the new Joan Didion book and just lay on the sofa and read it all (and took a nap half way through).

..and it was so, so good. I'd like to write about it in a seperate post, but I find books quite hard to write about... or maybe just too much like hard work.
I have always loved to read (apart from between the ages of around 12-15 when I gave it up for a while), and I remember when I was small we had a chart in school where you had to write every book you read on it and write a little report about it too. I think you got a star for each book you read as well.
I hated writing book reports. I just read my usual amount of books and then wrote a report on just a few of them, so my amounts on the wall were no where near what I had actually read, and yet I'd still read more than anyone else.
That's just a lengthy way of saying that I'd like to write about Blue Nights and all the other books I've read this year (there's a list at the top of the blog if you are interested)... but I may not get round to it.
So in case I don't, I'll just say that this book was great, Joan Didion is great.

Happy Christmas from Bert-Elf and Santa-Sian
(or Sian Corn - kinda mrs santa in welsh).x

Thursday, 22 December 2011

what we wore... outfit post

so, I mentioned I had a new front door, and new cowboy boots, but I also have a new dress.
I requested that Bert wear his Grinch top for this photo shoot and he kindly did. So here are some pics of what we wore today. I hope you like them... if not, feel free to skip and I'll be back tomorrow talking about books, or films... or both.
 So these are my new boots. I have wanted cowboy boots for the longest time but couldn't find any non-leather ones. This year vegetarian shoes produced a pair. yes!

...then today I got my new dress in the post. It's from joe browns, and has pictures of two of my favourite things - books and cats.
my coat is second hand....and smells like it is too.

the reveal.
(and please note my new front door)

am pretty excited about christmas...

and now for bert....

if you have seen my other outfit posts... you will recognise these 'pop' cords again...

...but the top is something else...

 Bert cut up a Grinch t shirt that was the wrong size and sewed it on to his brown long sleeved shirt.
Genius! and super festive.
this shot is from after our official shoot.....

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

school's out!

how exciting! it was my last day at work today until next year... plus, I only did half a day anwyays....
I've never actually used the term 'school's out', we usually went for something lots less punchy like 'it's the end of term'. anyway, this is what i'm going to be doing... not sure what she is drinking, dry something, dry sherry? fine. I'll force it down.

adding to the excitement is a new front door and new cowboy boots! pictures to follow soon! (just  the boots, not the door).

Monday, 19 December 2011

handmade haven soap

I won a giveaway over at this enchanted pixie! yep!
I got three yummy soaps from Handmade Haven and they smell so good (apart from the unfragranced one natch).
Thank you so much to you both! I haven't used them yet... but am planning on taking lots of long, hot baths during the Christmas holidays....
sorry the pictures are so lame, that winter problem of getting dark by 4pm.x

another day, another christmas decorations craft table

I think I am pretty much done with showing people how to make tissue paper pom poms. I had a busy weekend in work, making pom poms and paper chains, and it was great because children and adults were equally as keen on taking part. On saturday I also had to film a little interview for tv... I had the worst cold and it turned out that as soon as the camera is on me I talk in cliches. who knew. I have no intention of watching it anyhow... and my dreams of getting my own show (siani's homemade home??) have evaporated.
I NEVER get tired of making paper snow flakes though.. they are the best.x

Thursday, 15 December 2011

swap goodies

yay! swap goodies!
Lakota organised a fantastic christmas blog swap, and I was paired with Kestrel Finds and Makes....and this is what she sent me...

 all of these things! a lunch bag, a bangle, a tree decoration, handmade gloves and the material!
 such a lovely wooden bangle
 Kestrel Finds and Makes even took note of my nonsense of decorating in pink and brown and sent me this lovely handmade decoration, which is now proudly hanging from my pink tree.
 and best of all these amazing owl and the pussycat mittens...
have you seen cuter mittens?
(i don't think so)

and this is what I sent...
vintage needlecraft magazine, ribbons, buttons, a vintage Christmas postcard and some handmade gingerbread decorations. Yep, you are right - the mittens win.x


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