Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Birdie fingerpuppets I made today... they are pretty simple because I am planning to make them with children (plus I don't really know how to sew) for a nature art activity.  They are meant to be a chaffinch, a bullfinch and a blue tit!  After making these I thought it might be nice to make some felt badges as well so will maybe have a think about the design of them and get onto that tomorrow.

To make the fingerpuppets, cut out two shapes as above for the body of the puppet and two wings. The body measures about 5cm across and 7.5cm in height. the wings are 3.5cm in height.
To start with sew the wings on to one of the body shapes, tried both blanket stitch and running stitch and i think running stitch looked better. Then add the face! I tried a few different designs, some i used buttons for eyes, some have embroidered crosses, and some have french knots for eyes.  For the beak you could cut out a little triangular piece of felt or satin stitch one in place, alternatively you could cut out a beak and head combo as in the photo below.

Once you've finished the face, just sew the two body shapes together apart from the bottom gap for your finger! I used blanket stitch but running stitch will work just as well, and easier to sew for little ones.
If you would rather make badges out of them, just sew on a brooch piece on the back before you sew the body parts together and you don't need to leave a gap for your finger!

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