Tuesday, 29 March 2011


We had baked sweet potato, green salad with (vegan) duck and witch's supper. That's the witch's supper on the right hand side in the brown bowl, it's meant to taste so good that if a witch came to supper and tasted the dish she would be too yummed up to put a spell on you.  I found the recipe in a spell book by Judika Illes, she says that it is an Italian recipe, but my little Italian friends hadn't heard of it.... anyway, Judika says to fry some garlic and a tin of chick peas in olive oil, and then add fresh mint and salt and pepper.  Usually I pop in an onion too, and it is super delicious hot or cold.

In other news, I have felt slightly guilty ever since posting the film of Bas Jan Ader in connection to my dentist appointment. Amazing, touching and heartfelt art reduced to a cheap joke about my having a filling?
Apologies for that.

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