Wednesday, 30 March 2011


When I first started art college we were all encouraged to keep sketch books.  Since then I've found it difficult to stop and find it great to have a space to note things down, draw and collage. Ultimately they have become more important than any 'finished' pieces of art I have made.  When I look through them, it's strange to see how the same ideas keep coming through again and again. I keep thinking of these new amazing things to do and it seems I've already had that thought before about 4 years ago and not done anything about it!
there is lots of cutting things out of magazines and sticking them in, collecting quotes and a high use of stickers
mint green really is yum. one of my absolute favourite uses of mint green is on the severn bridge...
I got this photo from here although it doesn't really showcase the true delight of the minty green bridge sides and the more blue lamp posts. The delights of mint green and the delights of the severn bridge deserve a post of their own... but it's late so, another time!

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