Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Baby quilt number 2.

So, using more or less the same materials as the other baby quilt that you can see here, tonight I started planning and cutting for quilt number two.

I really love this flowery blue piece in the middle, and I like it even more placed next to the zingy yellow.

(although I did enhance the colour a little bit.. and yep, I should probably iron the pieces too)

the blue floral piece is from a vintage apron I bought a little while ago.

I also really love the floral material above (also vintage), which I nearly didn't buy as it's not really my usual taste.  It's funny how some materials become favourites, I love this floral partly because it just seems to go with everything and isn't too busy.

Sadie seems to be feeling a bit better today, although she still looks a little grumpy in this photo.


  1. It all looks gorgeous so far. I love the colours that you have chosen. I made one quilt from Amanda Soules book ( with tuition fom a friend) and I want to make some more, but I am so intimidated by it all.

  2. oh, i have no idea what i am doing! am kind of learning as i go... i started a quilt club in work so have people to help if i get stuck! i love amanda soules books - how did the quilt you made turn out?


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