Friday, 15 April 2011

day off!

Hurray! which is good because I am super tired and am planning on reading magazines and drinking coffee..
although also have errands to run... library, shopping, visiting my niece because it is her birthday and she's five... washing, hoovering. exciting stuff. (well, the bit about my niece being five is exciting. she's supercute)
anyway... back to yesterday. I had a bit of a museum day in Oxford which was work related - meeting staff and checking out what kind of things they run for children and families (all wonderful things!) and just having a look around. The Ashmolean and the Natural History Museum were both lovely, but Pitt Rivers is still my favourite museum. If you haven't been, their website is really good and gives you a general idea of the collections.  It's quite dark in the museum in order to preserve the objects, but that just makes it more atmospheric, and you can borrow a torch if you fancy.
It is packed with fascinating things - shrunken heads, amulets, charms, clothing, spears... oh, and loads and loads more. Philip Pullman was inspired by the museum when he was writing Northern Lights, and you can imagine Lyra in here looking through everything - it's made me want to re-read the books.

The labels are also beautiful, many of them from the 1880s - some as below, but some handwritten too.

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