Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Sunday

I hope everyone has had a lovely Easter. I've had a splendid day kinda relaxing, cooking, reading and drinking wine.

On the cooking front - this blog has been a bit food related this weekend (but that's just because I've had time off to cook!) and I therefore add another food picture of focaccia!

Seems that once you cook pizza dough you can make focaccia (it's pretty much the same recipe, just the assembling that's different) and we had a lovely Easter lunch with the hummous I made yesterday, ja ja tofu (tofu with spring onion, ginger and soy sauce with sesame oil), beetroot hummous and a green salad.

Ja Ja Tofu turned out to be amazing (although was not very photogenic so no image), all you have to do is slice some tofu and fry it until golden in sesame oil, then take out the tofu and quickly fry fresh ginger and spring onions (I used about a teaspoon of ginger and 4 spring onions to half a pack of tofu), then add the tofu back into the pan and about a tablespoon of soy sauce and cook for about a minute.  (the recipe from Mayumi Nishimura)

I wanted to make something a bit traditional for Easter day, but it seems that would mean eating eggs and lamb or maybe rabbit... which was never going to happen, so tofu and salad it was.

Easter comes from the word Ostara (the goddess of spring) and she often appears as a beautiful maiden with flowers in her hair, with her male consort taking the form of a rabbit (either a man sized rabbit or a little rabbit she holds in her arms).  So, of course, it's a festival of fertility what with it being springtime with all the new life around.  I was reading something that Judika Illes wrote this morning, and she says that until not that long ago, it was traditional in French, German and Italian villages for special phallic-shaped cakes to be carried in procession to the local church at Easter.

In Sweden and Finland the night before Easter day is the night that witches fly (a bit like Halloween) and  often carry coffee pots with them!

The most famous egg decorating happens in the Ukraine where they make pysanky. Pysanky is seen as a feminine sacred art and every time a woman makes a pysanka the devil is pushed further away...
Here's a picture which I got from here

I have to watch Kate and Willam the Movie now.... ha!

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