Friday, 22 April 2011

Good Friday

I want to link up with the flea market finds on her library adventures... because I love it so! I know that it's not all a flea market finds post.. but those plates were thrifted and the dress I bought is upcycled so I thought it might be ok?

bert bought me this yesterday. It looks so good and am really looking forward to it (once I've finished learning about the Tudors for work related purposes).

I have a long weekend off work for Easter, and it's been really hot, so I bought a new dress...
here's a little detail of the material...

and I bought some adorable plates from a charity shop

I have been working on a baby quilt. I've finished the top part, and need to buy some material for the back.
(thought I should add that the fabric used is a mixture of vintage and new, the white floral near my feet I've been using in everything, even though when I bought it I wasn't here for a better look of the fabric!)

I think this yellow floral from Clothkits would look so cute on the back, or maybe the blue?
I can't decide

I would really like this bias binding for the quilt too...
it's a Liberty print for Clothkits, they have loads of gorgeous bias bindings and I really really want some.


  1. clarice lispector - i have never heard of her, nor her name, but she looks intriguing enough. do let us know what you think?
    the baby quilt looks promising. for you, guys?

  2. hello! I don't really know Clarice Lispector either, although I do have one of her novels that I haven't read yet. she sounds fascinating though - a latin american writer who 'looked like Marlene Dietrich and wrote like Virginia Woolf.'
    baby quilt not for me - there are two little baby boys being born into the family in July so I have much work to do.
    thanks for the comments

  3. Hiya Sian, nice to meet a fellow Welsh flea market finder! I'm back in the valleys for Easter, but live in London at the moment. I just posted on my trip to Cowbridge. Happy to be your 3rd follower ;-)

    Gorgeous quilt, I've managed to patchwork a cushion so far, but should branch out into cot sized things at least, there's enough babies due to my family and friends at the moment.

    My blog is mainly about my vintage finds, with the odd bit of craft thrown in. Come say hi!

    Lakota x

  4. Love the rose plates...and the baby quilt...use ALL the fabrics. The brighter, the better!

  5. hi lakota - it was nice to see pics of swansea and cowbridge on your blog, thanks for being my third follower too! 3 followers! huzzah! (so what that one of them is my boyfriend and i made him do it)
    amber? i love all things bright too - i have to try and calm myself down and be tasteful! once i do the back of the quilt i'll add pictures to the blog.x

  6. welcome to the Flea Market Finders!.. we all love a good 'find'.
    Love the quilt you've made, I'd personally go with the aqua blue floral back, and definately that cute binding! [but I have never made a quilt] .. greetings from Melbourne,australia.


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