Wednesday, 20 April 2011

rev jen

do you know rev jen? she is an artstar, she makes art about trolls, unicorns, budweiser and elves and many other things. she is super funny and awesome and is a really good writer too - you may want to read about her sexploits or her guide to her neighbourhood, or what happened when she became the fifth teletubby, if you click on her website you can 'click on the shroom and groove on in', which is really good advice. Rev Jen has a new book out in the autumn called 'Elf Girl' - i am excited already.

she also has a chiuaua called rev jen junior.

another chiuaua i like is pedro in the joey pigza books.

if i had a chiuaua i would pretty much hope it looked like one of these two (and poss play piano too):

yea-ah... i don't have so much to say today. bert has bought the rocky box set. that is what has been happening.x

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