Saturday, 23 April 2011


so... it's hot out and i'm sitting inside drinking coffee and watching cooking on tv. am also thinking about making pizza... including the dough.

I had a look at Jamie Oliver's recipe on line, but he scared me a little with the whole putting flour on your table and creating a well... and the words '00 flour'. Luckily Nonna is helping me out and she uses a bowl.
I love this book - it has a charmingly rubbish cover and no pictures inside, but loads and loads of recipes. It also has nice little quotes and back stories... Nonna writes about pizza:

'There is a North American myth that one hears or reads now that purports that pizza is actually an invention of Italian-Americans and that you can't get a good pizza in Italy.  Perhaps you can't get an American-style pizza in Italy, with an indifferent greasy crust, 20 toppings, half a pound of meat, and enough cheese to feed a family for a week, but that's because Italians don't like it that way!.'

oh, i should also say that it is a vegan italian cookbook.

anyway..if the pizza making goes ahead, rest assured I shall document it.x


  1. Pizza dough is a doddle - don't let it scare you. I'm a "measure-to-the-millimeter" recipe follower, but over time I figured out that pizza dough is an imprecise, and very forgiving, art. Good luck!

  2. thank you! it worked! hurray!


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