Sunday, 17 April 2011

vegan cannelloni

yes. bert made cannelloni.. it was the most delicious dish ever... here are some step by step photos....
the pasta was stuffed with vegan mince which was cooked with onion, garlic, red pepper, scheese, chilli, wine, nooch,(nutritional yeast flakes) parmesan (veganstyle natch) and fresh coriander
then he layered the cannelloni with tomato sauce

...and covered the whole thing with a white sauce (vegan butter, flour and soy milk with bert's secret ingredient (cinnamon))

Then he grated vegan cheese on top...

and popped in the oven...

twenty minutes later in a pre-heated oven,  this happened

it could probably serve about 10... but we had it with salad

and it was delicious.

I realise that if you wanted to make this it would be quite difficult from my (second hand) instructions... so please comment if you need more info... we've also (quite charmingly) had quite a lot of wine this afternoon, which is probably not helping the cooking instructions.x

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