Friday, 29 April 2011


How cute is this? I just love the material. It's a 1960s apron and I got it for £5. I love it.
I bought it from marigold costumes  in Cardiff, which is the most amazing place which does costume hire, makes costumes and sells some vintage. They have been making some Tudor costumes for me for work for children to try on, and I'll try and get some pictures tomorrow as the outfits they have made are just beautiful.

I have a day off today as it's a bank holiday for the Royal Wedding...

linking to her library adventures again... but am also going to a vintage market tonight (sunday) so may have to add more goodies!


  1. oh what a cute apron. I started collecting aprons a few years ago, but sold most of them again as I didn't really have anywhere to keep them to show them off!..Of course, I still keep some to wear!

  2. That's very cute - just begging to be worn with those Vivienne Westwood heart shoes!

  3. perfect, that apron. so joyful... sets me almost straight away into action, mentally. ;)


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