Monday, 2 May 2011


So.. hope you had a happy Beltane/May day. I've been at work all weekend and am back in today in a little while so been busy busy. We've had a bit of a Tudor event this weekend for families and I've been running art and craft sessions looking at Tudor fashions, mainly making neck ruffs out of card! ha! they are cute. The vintage market I went to last night didn't have anything I fancied, but we had  a beer sitting outside afterwards so it all worked out well.

Oh, I did spend almost all day friday sewing while watching the Royal wedding and 'The only was is Essex' (blush), so have nearly, nearly finished the top of my double bed sized quilt


  1. that is an amazing quilt. absolutely love the colours.

  2. That quilt is gorgeous! I must spend less time blogging and more time making...


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