Wednesday, 11 May 2011


I love magazines... recently Bert bought me Living Etc and Vogue and I've been reading and looking and sticking.

This is what I have found out:
*There are two exhibitions on about Tarot cards, one in Pittsburgh, and one a travelling exhibition put on by the Hayward gallery. They sound amazing.
* Marc Jacobs clothes continue to be gorgeous.

* Tracey Emin is my hero. She is so awesome, I think she deserves a separate post, so will save that for tomorrow.

* There are lots of books out that I want to read... these two in particular


* This rabbit light is adorable.

(when I was little I used to hope I would grow up and be a bunny)

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  1. I heart MJ too. Dunno where my tarot cards are - suggesting the supposed 'link' one is supposed to have with them is sadly lacking!


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