Saturday, 14 May 2011

ooo, just seen this pillowcase over at foxs lane, would like to make something similar with my new (old) 1960s fabric.

Bertie bought these lovely blue frames  from Urban Outfitters and put 1960s pictures in them.  They look so good, but it made me think we should paint the wall... pink? or sky blue?


  1. don't ask me cause I'll always say BLUE!!♥

  2. Oooh you are so lucky to get thoe frames. I love them, and the fabric is gorgeous. You've done so well with you thrifty finds too.
    I want a sky blue wall too, and then I want a pink coockoo clock, and some frames like the ones you picked up. Great style sweet pea xxx

  3. Your blog is lovely....I have had to start a new blog formerly Bord and Butik!

  4. i am actually really loving the deer on the plate...
    hot pink for the wall, i think...


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