Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Sadie and hot lemon!

Sadie loves her tunnel. She likes to run through it, attack it, attack people who are walking past while she is in it... and often she hides from snuggles by sitting in it.  We don't keep it out all the time as sometimes it makes her a bit overexcited.  Just now I found her asleep in the tunnel...

oh my.

I am drinking lemon and hot water... it's delicious and essential when I am trying to avoid too much caffeine (caffeine makes me a bit crazy and anxious!)


  1. Looks like my kitty Wednesday! She would totally love a tunnel too. We need to get some of those!


  2. hello rachele! i went on your blog to check out wednesday and they do look alike! sadie is also a halloween kitty... maybe black cats born in october are double cute?


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