Monday, 23 May 2011

Tofu Monday

well, it was my first day back in work after my week off. It was good to be back... I checked all my emails, organised things, read some pre-school education blogs, looked at the Crafty Crow  for ideas and then ordered materials for our half term art workshop which will be about coins.... I have therefore ordered about 300 paper plates, 100 metres of foil, packs of silver and gold paper and 2 rolls of string. Will post photos to show what kind of things those crazy materials can make after half term.

Yesterday I made tofu fritatta - it's one of my favourite quick and easy snacks to make. Tofu is amazing and I think these pictures prove it.

tofu in a tub
knitted tofu
tofu babies

slightly sad tofu


  1. Cute tofu finds!
    Have you seen It's really good for finding lots of different crafts

  2. thanks claire1 will check out the website.x


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