Tuesday, 3 May 2011

trees and parks

I went on a course today, which meant I didn't have to drive to work, but could walk through the park. It was so lovely - warm and breezy with all the dogs out for their morning walks.

I wish I could walk to walk everyday.

Here is a picture of a tree with a mustache. This wasn't in the park today but at The Green Man Festival a couple of years ago.

All trees should grow mustaches.

I am feeling pretty wiped out today - yesterday in work I saw about 200 children in the art and craft workshops... so tomorrow I am taking the day off.  Now I am drinking a glass of red wine, reading blogs and magazines and watching cooking on television.


  1. Nice park. Yes, I agree a job that's only a walk away from home would be perfect.

  2. I find it s nourishing to be out amongst the trees. I think you should put your feet up sweet pea x

  3. aw thank you! yep, am taking it easy today!


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