Tuesday, 10 May 2011

viruses and little houses

Today wasn't a fabulous day as we had a computer virus which took ages to sort out - think it is all ok now so best not think about it anymore...

So to cheer ourselves up we bought a little fairy cottage which lights up and changes colours.

and we bought lemons too, because we needed them to make vegan macaroni cheese

we went to the library too to pick up some books, and I found a quote I really liked:

'There is another world, and it is in this one'
Paul Elouard

this is what I wore

I love the colour of my red skirt which I got in a vintage store in San Francisco. Am not sure it's overly flattering but I wear it anyway.

And that's about it! We also did a little yoga at home and now am relaxed and sleepy. Tomorrow is my last day in work for a week and a half (a little work break for sewing and relaxing), so am really looking forward to it, though am planning on going to work super early tomorrow to get everything done.

Good night!x

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