Sunday, 5 June 2011

Birthday treats

Hello! I had the best birthday! The weather is lovely and I've had lots of presents and treats galore.

I got a beautiful skirt from Bert's mum... which just happens to go perfectly with a cardigan and scarf I bought the other day.

Bert got me books, a gorgeous Alice in Wonderland mug and a collar/necklace pretty thing.

and my mum gave me a sewing box that I wanted (and that I let her know I wanted by sending photos of it by email). I loved putting all my sewing bits and bobs in their own box.

it seems I mainly have red thread...

we also had a mexican themed dinner, but I shall post about that another time.xx


  1. such lovely presents!! i especially like the sewing kit and the skirt and the alice mug. glad you had a good day :-)

  2. looks like you had a great birthday..very HAPPY, I love the mug and the sewing box♥


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