Thursday, 30 June 2011

Creative Space

This thursday I am working on my second baby quilt... (which, I admit, looks pretty similar to the first) and am thinking of giving it curved corners for binding ease. Is that wise people who are better at quilting than me??
Also, to those same people, I covered a bad sewing type hole in the quilt by sewing on a felt heart, is that wrong? it's probably not going to wash well is it? sigh.x

Alongside this am working on a quilt for bert. I'd like to get it done by mid august.... I keep making mistakes on it and having to unpick....

(other people have been making lots of wonderful things - go to our creative spaces to have a look)


  1. This is awesome already! I love the scrappy look and the simple pattern - it looks like a vintage gem!

  2. Oh, that is simply adorable!! I love it! And I think the little heart patch gives it an adorable touch! I'm not sure if felt is washable, but you could always cut a heart from regular fabric and sew it on. I think it's such a cute idea! I love how quilters always seem to have perfect shapes of equal size- how you you do that?! :)

  3. Thank you! yeah.. i thought about a regular heart patch, but it was more work and i am lazy. am planning on washing it when it's done anyway, so if it doesn't wash well i'll unpick it and sew on a different one!


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