Sunday, 12 June 2011

Diane Wakoski

Diane Wakoski. I didn't really know her writing, but Bert dropped enough hints for me to buy the above book for his birthday. Any book that has a dedication that reads -

'This book is dedicated to all those men who betrayed me at one time or another, in hopes they will fall off their motorcycles and break their necks.'

- is bound to be good...

It's a book of poems published in 1971 which is no longer in print. It has a lot about men in it, and a lot about men with mustaches.. in fact, one poem is called 'What I want in a husband besides a mustache'... in another poem there's a bit that goes:

'Love is a man
with a mustache
gently holding me every night,'

All the mustache bits makes the poems sounds funny, and they are a little bit, but they are also sad and bitter, and beautfiul and poignant. While reading the poems I've been copying bits out in my sketchbook.

'I drag peacock feathers behind me
to erase the trail of the moon.'

'The only warmth I ever feel
is wool covers on a bed.'

You are charming as snakes and the half-moon
in an ancient piece of jewelry.'

oh, I love the bit about peacock feathers. Peacock feathers, to me, are kind of creepy and magical.. some of this, I think, stems from Mick Jagger in Perfomance

...which I haven't even seen... and don't even know if there are any peacock feathers in it... and this hotel room which I stayed in in San Francisco which is called 'The Peacock Suite'

Have gone a little off topic.. so here's a picture of Diane Wakoski back in the day. Doesn't she look amazing?

(also, if you want to know what I've been reading this year... click here)

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