Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Last night I went to yoga and it was pretty hard work - I think I'm going to be hurting later. Am just having my coffee and then I'll be off to work. Here's a lovely picture from the Green Man Festival a couple of years ago, it's a photo of the World of Bobby Dazzler. Am already looking forward to this years festival.x


  1. I am glad to hear your yoga session was grilling. My kettle bell work out left me feeling like an old woman.
    I have never been the to Green Man festival, but always wanted to.

  2. i know! toad stools are adorable. I bought a little doll from the van and it is so cute.

    pangaloon? my arms and legs are still aching now (possilby even more than they were this morning)i didn't even know what a kettle bell was (but googled it)... and you should definitely go to green man! it is so beautiful and really family friendly too.x


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