Wednesday, 15 June 2011

quilt anxiety....

I think it may have been a mistake looking at quilt blogs (extremely lovely as they were) as now am feeling a little inadequate about my sewing skills...

To combat these bad sewing thoughts, I've been reminding myself of the quilts that we have in the museum I work in from the nineteenth century. The stitching on them isn't perfect and they are still beautiful and full of character and warmth.

One thing I think I need to do more of is ironing/pressing (not of my clothes - that would be insane, I make sure that the clothes that I buy never need ironing)... mainly the backs of the pieces as I go... and maybe I just need to take things slow too and not expect so much of myself!


  1. We are our own worst critics, nobody is going to scrutinise it looking for flaws. Something like this takes time, dedication and love to make, so it will be perfect, whatever you think

  2. I love quilts too, always wanted my mama to make one for my sisters and i,thanks for the big compliment amor
    Yumm,sweet potato pie.

  3. I agree with LUCEWOMAN. I think what you have pictured here is beautiful. I have never been a sewer and have always dreamed of making a quilt. I'm fascinated by what you are making. Don't be too hard on yourself. I feel very inadequate at my writing skills when I read all of the wonderful blogs chuck-full of beautifully written blog posts. It sometimes almost makes me not want to write on my blog. So I can relate, just in a different way.

  4. thank you! I'm not a sewer either michelle (which is the problem!!)and it was a bit stupid of me to think i'd be great at something the first time i tried... am learning as i go on the quilts so am sure they will get better each time i make one. and yep, it's mainly going to be me looking for the flaws in it and no one else will notice! It's wonderful to get such lovely comments... i did some more sewing last night while listening to bruce springsteen - so things are looking up.x


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