Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Last night on BBC4 there was a great documentary about relics to tie in with the exhibition Treasures of Heaven that opens at the end of the month in the British Museum.

This 14th century reliquary holds a thorn supposedly from Christ's crown of thorns.  (Actually, Bert has just said that I wasn't listening to the programme properly and he think's it contains slivers of bone, and the image below contains the thorn - which Sarah pointed out too. Oop! I am a distracted tv watcher...)

I can't remember what this one held, but it's so beautiful.  I think I am going to have to go and see the exhibition, there are also lots of talks going on, one with Grayson Perry and Marina Warner which I don't think I can miss.


  1. nice blog and good information given, i like it....

  2. That was a wonderful programme! I think the beautiful gold and amethyst locket at the end also held a thorn from the crown of thorns.


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