Sunday, 26 June 2011

vegan couscous salad

It's hot today. So hot you need a roasted vegetable couscous salad chilling in the fridge.

I made it at lunch time and had it slightly warm... and then popped it in the fridge and had it it with sweetcorn and bread for dinner.

Bert combined his couscous with baked beans, tempeh and vegan cheese.

Bert said it was the best couscous ever so I think it would be wrong not to share.

I roasted sweet potatoes, shallots and a red pepper with a drizzle of olive oil. For the couscous I just popped some in a bowl and covered with boiling water and put a plate on top of the bowl to absorb all the steam.  Once all the water was absorbed I fluffed it all up with a fork and put in a little vegan butter, salt and lemon juice. Usually that would be all on the couscous front, but as I had some toasted sesame seeds and fried tofu left over from yesterday's sushifest, so I added them too (and some black onion seeds for good measure).  Once the vegetables were roasted I added them to the couscous as well as a generous handful of chopped fresh parsley. Perhaps you could drizzle a touch more olive oil on before serving, or perhaps you could just eat it watching Star Trek, like we did.


  1. Yum! I've just eaten but your post has made me hungry already x

  2. Hi Sian!

    That cous cous looks yummy! I am glad I found your blog! I used to live in Cardiff. I lived there for 3 years. I am in London now! Take care!


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