Sunday, 26 June 2011

Vegan Sushi

If people were eating vegan sushi in the 1970s this is what it would have looked like. I love making sushi, it's not hard to do but there's a bit of preparing and you need all the right ingredients.

Sushi rice takes only about 10 minutes to cook and then you add a bit of sugar and rice wine vinegar. I roasted the peppers (although they are also good raw), boiled and mashed sweet potato and added sweet chili and sesame oil and fried tofu in sesame oil with soy sauce. Then you just have to assemble them - nori sheet down first, spread thinly with the rice and then add the middle bit, roll and slice! I also toasted some sesame seeds too and added them to some of the rolls.

Serve with soy sauce, ginger and wasabi paste. So, so good, healthy and filling.

To counteract the healthy I also made marbled cupcakes.

They are marbled (vanilla and chocolate) with a vanilla buttercream. For the first time I piped the icing on and it looked amazing for about 2 minutes and then melted... I think it was because their was heat coming from the oven rather than the cakes still being warm. 

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