Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Vintage Material

I bought these lovely bits of material today. I was actually out looking for backing material for my baby quilts but couldn't find anything suitable.

This sheet is lovely and I'll use it for the backing of another quilt....

..and these two bits are just double pretty and will probably used for patchwork.

Check out Her Library Adventures for more flea market finds.


  1. wow!
    The material in the 2nd picture is so pretty

  2. I love the red daisy print, so happy looking!

  3. Beautiful florals. The fabrics are fantastic! I picked up a set of vintage pillow cases this past week, with the loveliest dainty blue rosebuds on them. I washed them up and have them on my pillows. My favorite floral print on vintage fabrics are rosebuds.


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