Thursday, 16 June 2011

work things

today work was quite quiet, and as I know that it won't last for long, I spent time reading Howard Gardner's book Frames of Mind...

...and reading educational/mom blogs. There is so much helpful stuff out there and it's how I initially started following blogs - looking for activities to do in work.

My favourites are Crafty Crow for the links to loads of other blogs and all the art and craft tutorials, and Teacher Tom for his sage advice and humour.

Can anyone suggest any others that they read? am particularly interested in activities for under 5s and love a montessori bent!


  1. Funny, those are two of my favourite work related blogs and I have a strong Montessori & Steiner interest too. I'm planning to recreate Teacher Tom's paint pendulum in one of my groups soon!

  2. I have never heard of thos books but they look quite interesting amor.

  3. ooh Sian,I love the crafty crow. I used to be a Montessori practitioner, and loved a lot of the concepts. I would recommend Maya Made and Soule Mama x

  4. thank you! i love soule mama too but haven't checked out maya made in a while (will do today). I would love the things that I do to be more montessori/steiner, but sometimes find it difficult as the activities we run are mainly drop in and sometimes there are just so many children!


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