Tuesday, 12 July 2011

New Plates

We do not need new plates.  We live in a one bedroom flat with not much space, there are only two of us, and I hardly ever have people over for dinner apart from my mum and dad which makes 4 for dinner at the most. We have 14 dinner plates and 12 side plates (I have just counted them and to be honest I think there may be more), and now we have 16 dinner plates and 14 side plates! hurray!!

They were on sale in Habitat and look how pretty they are!.

Also, you know what? While I was justifying to myself about buying more plates, I thought 'they will look really good for food pictures on my blog'....I'm an idiot.x


  1. haha! You're not an idiot! It's cute!
    They really are lovely, they look vintage

  2. Oh I hear you. I have been trying to de-clutter the kitchen, intending to move to a smaller home in the not too distant future, but managed to buy 3 more dinner plates last week, just because they were so so cheap and Wedgwood!!
    I love your fancy ones, v.v.v.pretty. perfect for a food blog don't ya know!

  3. LOVE those plates. I have a SILLY amount of pretty plates too, just pile 'em high!


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