Sunday, 31 July 2011

(photo from here)

Today I started to think about pumpkins.  Even thought it's the first of August tomorrow and pumpkins don't start appearing until around October I got a little bit excited, and thought 'I'm going to do even more things with pumpkins this year' (am an idiot).  Usually I just make pumpkin soup or roast pumpkins and eat them with salads. This year I want to try pumpkin with pasta and sage, pumpkin with pinto beans, spiced pumpkin tart, pumpkin gnocci, pumpkin fritata,  pumpkin bread and pumpkin biscuits.

(photo from here - the recipe isn't vegan but am sure we can sort that out!)

I get a bit excited about Autumn, pumpkins and halloween. August is generally my busiest month in work so I just start thinking about when it will be over (which is silly, because even though it's busy I still enjoy it).  Now it's summer I've been enjoying baby tomatoes with fresh basil and olive oil, salads and lots of summer vegetable pastas. The tomato is a nightshade... which I think makes it even more glamorous.

We've had a lazy day over here... making pizza, having a sneaky rosé, reading (Magazines, cookbooks and Tipping the Velvet by Sarah Waters for me, 'The Body of Jonah  Boyd' by David Leavitt for Bert) and watching Columbo.  I was thrilled to see such nice things said about my blog over on  Being of Sound Mind  too.  Hope everyone had a lovely weekend too.x


  1. Please don't remind me, August already! Where does the time go?
    I have a thing for squashed and pumpkins too, they always look to wholesome. I love orange anyway, and now it's got my thinking about autumn approaching.x

  2. Mmmm... pumpkin everything! I cannot for fall and halloween preparations. It seems like the past couple of weeks have been so busy and I can't wait until October, when things will calm down and I can relax with an apple cider and knit a scarf. :)

    It's right around the corner!


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