Tuesday, 26 July 2011

speedball/softblock printing

Am working on a new art and craft session for teenagers..(gulp), and am thinking of doing some printing with them based on 1950s patterns and designs.  I have been trying out speedball printing today - it's like lino printing but easier and I love it.

I thought we could try out some prints on paper and also give some a go on fabric and perhaps sneak a bit of sewing in there too.


  1. do it :) I can't wait to see what they all make,

  2. Ooh interesting. Are they rubber blocks your sculpting?

  3. will post what they make! and yes, they are rubber blocks - kind of like carving an eraser, they are really easy and quick to make- i always hated lino printing, but this i can handle!

  4. great ! try an Owl and 1/2 an Apple. My friend turned up last week with a 1970s Jensen pendant, 1/2 and apple, it was fantastic, so simple, I so so want it!


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