Wednesday, 13 July 2011

What we cooked

I made cupcakes late last night because I got a bit restless and Bert was too busy to play. My piping skills have definitely improved...

I made a summer vegetable risotto as I got beautiful fresh broad beans and spring onions from work, and Bert picked up the cutest of courgettes which I roasted. (they had ridges... that's what made them cute)

I also roasted cauliflower. Oh my, have you ever roasted cauliflower?? it is the most delicious thing ever and I can't stop eating it.


  1. amazing food, looks so yummy. The cupcakes are wonderful, see.... you did need a food stylist's plate♥

  2. yum those cakes look amazing! And roasted caulis, not tried that, I shall give it a go!

  3. i so needed those plates lyndel! and grainy? roasted cauli is so so good - it gets kinda sweet and way more tasty.xx

  4. I'm so going to try roast cauli. You fell off my bloggy radar for some reason, I'm glad to find you again x


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