Thursday, 25 August 2011

Creative Space

I am still sewing away on Bert's quilt, but not enough progress has been made to warrant another photo!
Instead, this is what else I've been doing...

Making model houses with little ones. I'm sure all you historians out there will recognise that the above is a copy of a building from about 500 years ago - the original is made of slate and has two tall chimneys.  Apparently tall chimneys demonstrated that you were really important, and having two of them was crazy awesome as it meant that you were swish enough to have two fires!  We have also been making old coins out of paper plates, string and tin foil, neck ruffs, as well as general colouring....

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  1. Ooooh, two fireplaces! Fancy! Hehe, I remember making these little houses when I was young- what a cute project!

  2. oh what a great idea ~ i love it! x

  3. What cutie houses...and your children will always remember the importance of chimneys...even when they no longer exist in the sci-fi future!

  4. Cute houses! I like the fire coming out of the chimney :-)

  5. hehe, very cute! I love the history to go with the creativity! Thanks for visiting me ! *s*


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