Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Dinner time!

oh my! it's salad, roasted vegetables and couscous, guacamole and 'warm corn salad with a touch of spice'.
Looking at this photo it seems I am having trouble with portion size...

I bought the book 'Thomasina Miers Mexican Food Made Simple' the other day and followed her recipe for guacamole and the corn salad.  Actually, Bert bookmarked the salad and said he wanted me to make it for him so I went for it today as I'd had a super busy day and felt like I needed vitamins.

The corn salad is really simple and it's crazy delicious... I hope Thomasina doesn't mind me telling you how to make it..

It's fresh corn, so four corn on the cobs with the kernels cut off (I guess this is a pretty common thing to do, but I've never done it....).  Chop an onion and a green chilli and fry with the corn in olive oil and 'butter' for about five minutes. Once they start to cook add two chopped garlic cloves, salt, pepper and 'a few good pinches of five spice'. Then you cook it for a while until it starts to colour and then add the juice of one or two limes and a handful of fresh chopped coriander (cilantro to you lovely americans). 
That's it! It's meant to be eaten warm, Thomasina says to eat it with flat breads and sour cream.  I know that you can get vegan sour cream but I haven't tried it, but that does sound a delicious way to serve it.


  1. i used to watch her cookery show. Then I got annoyed about her never tying her hair back, and she was always touching it (quite a mane she has). However, I love corn so ill try this recipe - thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh that looks so good. I absolutely must get that book! I'll put it down for the birthday wishlist.

  3. That sounds sooo good! I love both corn and guacamole! You always have the best recipes!

  4. lucy? i've never noticed that (but will look out for it) maybe i am just mesmarised by that cute little gap in her teeth...
    jen? you need the book!! and hazel and mare? you are adorable!!


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