Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Green Man 2011: the food

So for your viewing pleasure (?) I am separating my Green Man posts into three  - music, food, and other things...

The food in Green Man is delicious, in fact, before we went we were even talking about it - 'when we wake up we can go to the van and get vegan bacon rolls, and then cardamom cake'.. and so on.  There is lots of choice for vegans too, lots of which I forgot to photograph before I ate it, so aside from the photos below, we also ate vegan tofu burgers and vegetable tempura....

The Chai Shop Organic is my favourite tent... It was also at End of the Road festival last year and I think won some award at Glastonbury. It is vegetarian but most things are vegan. (the above photo isn't mine by the way, although all the rest are)

...and this is the cardamom cake. ohmy. I think this is possibly the best vegan cake I have ever tasted, it's not too sweet, it's moist and it has an unusual flavour.  It tastes a bit coconutty too, and I think has a cream cheese topping.  I would really like to be able to make this, so if anyone has a recipe!!??

This is the falafal platter. It was delicious and I had it twice, plus a falafal pitta which was also good. It has falafal, pitta bread, tabouleh, salad, vegetables in tomato sauce, a tahini dressing and sauerkraut and olives. It tastes super healthy and I am definitely going to try making falafals too. The chai organic also does an awesome breakfast but I ate that right up before taking a photo.

The cute little van above sells facon rolls and tea and toast. The reason the tomatoes are outside of the bun in the above picture is because Bert refuses to eat raw tomatoes...

Breakfast at Buddhafield tent - totally yum, beans, potatoes and sosmix. I haven't had sosmix since the 90s and it was a welcome return. The people who worked at the Buddhafield were charming, friendly and a little ramshackle... plus they tended to cook topless...when the chai spices weren't coming together one of them said 'i'm so stressed' and stormed out which I didn't think was very Buddhist....still, the breakfast was the best and also huge. Plus you got a cup of tea with it.

Vegan carrot cake from Cafe Dish. It didn't taste that carroty but was yummy. Unfortunately for this cake it was competing with the sublime cardamom cake.

Greta's chickpea, coconut and coriander burger. I didn't eat this but Bert had it twice. He got pretty excited about it.

That's about it! It looks like a lot of food for one weekend... my next and final Green Man post will be pictures of me, pictures of me and bert and pictures of a variety of bunting. I bet you can't wait.


  1. Oh those burgers look so good and i saw that stall but didn't get a chance to eat there. I also had the Facon roll at that little van! But i was really disappointed in the food sadly. We had the pizza and they covered everything in sooo much pepper that no-one could eat it! And at Buddhafield the baked beans were chilli beans and they didn't bother to tell us, so of course the kids wouldn't eat them as they were too spicy!

  2. oh that is too bad! and yep, those beans did have a bit of spice.
    Other years i have had food that isn't so good so i stuck with the stuff i knew i loved (like the falafals). Also, because usually there isn't much choice for vegans when we eat out, its always nice at green man to have such vegan variety!


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