Saturday, 27 August 2011


Got my first pumpkin of the season! (not that I grew it or anything)
Am going to roast this bad boy right up.
Jammy Dodgers made out of felt.
Sadie's nose just sneaking into the picture.
...and this is one of her favourite spots -
on the sink ready for kisses and water to drink.
Reading Alice Hoffman - it's been a while and I've missed her.
Spiced corn salad, sweet potato and white potato mash
and tempeh marinated in lemon and maple syrup.
(mostly made by Bert)
and a little dip - soya yogurt with coriander
and some other secret Bert ingredients.
I made these cupcakes at the beginning of the week.
Am proud of my piping skills... ha.x
Tomorrow a little trip with my sister and Monday a lovely day off for sewing and stuff.


  1. Lovely post and yummy food!
    Everytime you feature Sadie I think Sisco!

  2. i know! sadie and sisco look so alike, they must be related.x

  3. I saw your comment on "Her Library" about reading Hoffman right now. I love her also. I'm currently reading "Incantation". I just started it. I love her books. I have read almost all of them. My favs being River King, Turtle Moon, and Story Sisters. Skylight was also pretty freaking awesome. Are you on

  4. hello tyggereye! thanks for stopping by. i got a bit obsessed with hoffman... and have been reading so many of them! i am on goodreads.. but only recently so i only have about 3 books on there! will look out for you over there.


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