Saturday, 6 August 2011

Swap goodies

Look what I got in the swap from Bibbity-Bob! oh my! how gorgeous??

That lovely background fabric was part of it too... and I love the necklace so much - I would never have picked it up myself, but I've already worn it out today....

..and I think it really suits me!!

(the swap was organised by the wonderful Faith Hope and Charity Shopping)

(gah - didn't even say thank you... THANK YOU!!)


  1. Very lovely necklace! Lucky you.

  2. that necklace looks great on you. I got wonderful things too from my swap partner, and finally, finally today packed up my parcel to send her. Loved that swap.

  3. So glad it finally arrived safely and that you liked it. The necklace looks fab on you x

  4. You're right, it does really suit you! How beautiful! I love craft swaps :) I'm happy you got so many nice things!

  5. Excellent goodies, the necklace does indeed suit you very well. Really glad you enjoyed it.


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