Saturday, 20 August 2011

Vegan food

Ooo, just a couple of pics of what we have been eating!

Bert made this beauty - a vegetable korma (with baby corn, cashew nuts and roasted cauliflower) with coconut rice. double yum.

And this was a weekend breakfast - tofu fritatta (two types - one roasted pepper and sweet potato, the other roasted courgette and parsley) along with baked beans and toast. Although I made the fritattas the day before this picture (they taste better cold), Bert wants me to note that he did the beans and toast and arranging on the plate.... (after just reading this, Bert also says that he doesn't just open a can of beans and heats them up, he adds things to them. Consider yourselves told)

(I thought I had added a recipe to tofu fritatta on my blog before.. but I can't find it now... if you would like to know how to make it just ask and I will add it to another post.)

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