Friday, 30 September 2011


so, we went away for a couple of days and found a cute little bookshop where Bert bought a Simenon and I went for a nonfiction book about the moon. My moon book has one of those new crazy soft slipcovers, do you know what I mean by that? (I hope so as I don't know how to describe it...) It's a newish thing I think and the covers are almost velvety in feel.

There was also a second hand bookshop where we picked up these beauties:

I'm really excited about 'August is a Wicked Month', I've been wanting to read it for ages and the cover is pretty saucy. The Elvis book is Bert's - he has flicked through it, apparently Elvis thinks that Elvis impersonators stink.

I bought this book for Bert as he loves it when different animals become friends. Look at the cover! oh my. It has such cuteness as gorillas snuggling kitties, a sheep hanging out with an elephant, a cat and a bear and a piglet and a dog. 

 'Whip It' is one of my favourite films of late (that and 'Fantastic Mr Fox'), so I quite fancied reading the novel, I also ordered 'Going in Circles' which is also about roller derby and written by the woman that wrote the tv show 'Samantha Who' - I am looking forward to both of these.

...and I finished this book - 'Project X' by Jim Shepard. It was pretty powerful stuff.

All in all we may have gone overboard in the book department. We also have maxed out our library cards.


  1. so many books! is it weird that i was most excited by elvies?

  2. Oh must check out some of these books at our library. I've never seen Whip it! But it's now on my Lovefilm list.

  3. Love books! and I'm quite fascinated by roller derby. At one stage I almost ended up doing a mini Anthropological fieldwork study about a local team, but instead studied a radical craft group. Would also like to try it myself, but not gutsy enough or fit for that matter.


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