Friday, 9 September 2011

End of the week...

So, it's the end of my week off from work. I've been working on relaxing (ha) and have been hanging out with Sadie...
...and with Bert, although he has had a pretty hectic social life
this week and is sleepy as you can see from the photo below...
 ....not too much cooking has been going on,
but I did make chickpea burgers and roasted patty pans...
 ....and there hasn't been that much sewing going on either,
but did do a bit of patchworking yesterday.
 ...but I have been watching bad tv, movies, reading Dud Avocado by Elaine Dundy, Sophie Dahl's new cookbook and The Map of True Places by Brunonia Barry, and I also met up with my family for dinner, went for drinks with my friend Rhys and had a reflexology session.
This afternoon am going to mooch around some shops and then I still have the weekend before am back in work on Monday.
Looking pretty relaxed huh?


  1. Aww!
    I love that 1st photo!
    How was the reflexology?

  2. thank you! reflexologly was lovely although i seem to have one foot in the past... although luckily the other one is in the future... (?)

  3. Enjoy your weekend Sian,
    As recommended by your dear self, I picked up a book from the library by Alice Hoffman, The Probable Future and am nearly finished with it, enjoying it. Do you recommend any other specific ones from her.Also I have a huge favour to ask of you. I've made it into the final of "the great vegan bake off" with my vegan Beetroot Chocolate Cake with Beetroot 'Buttercream' and Beetroot Dust. Just need the votes!! Please vote for me to win here and encourage your friends via twitter or FB to do so, would be very much appreciated! If I win, it will really make my year.
    Warm wishes as always, shaheen


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