Saturday, 24 September 2011

pay day gift

 I got a griddle pan for my pay day gift from Bert! and a lemon squeezer! and some Halloween cupcake cases! and yep, now i'm writing this, I realize how crazy spoiled it is to get a gift every month.. am not sure if other people get payday gifts... if you don't, I think you should probably drop some hints...does anyone else get payday gifts? I don't want to look like a princess all on my own.

So am learning how to griddle... I don't really know what I'm meant to do, but I cooked some tomatoes on it and toasted a bagel too. The bagel and tomatoes were part of our full English (vegan) breakfast that we had the other night for dinner.

that's some scrambled tofu up there in the top right of the photo. We love scrambled tofu....and griddling things.


  1. yum!
    I haven't had scrambled tofu in ages!
    You've made me crave some! ;)

  2. Pay day gift? I'm liking this concept and am thinking it should be backdated several years!

  3. yep, lakota. you know you deserve it.x

  4. Such an exciting idea! I wonder if my boyfriend would find it exciting too. I'm sure no one can say no to gifts though. I've always wanted to cook with a griddle. Being eyeing them while watching cooking shows. x


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