Thursday, 1 September 2011


Am as tired as this fox today (especially if the fox has been doing art activities with little ones and is feeling a little overwhelmed with lots of other work-related things). Luckily for me, I just need to work for two more days and then I have a week off for relaxing, yoga and reflexology.

Anyone had reflexology? Did it make you feel good??

(Sadie is pretty worn out too)


  1. Sadie is such a little babe!
    Look at her little paw stretched out!
    I've had reflexology a while back. I had it for digestive problems, about 6 sessions. Definitely helped and SO relaxing! I nearly snoozed off quite alot of times! Enjoy!

  2. i know! i came home one day and sadie was just lying like that! hee.
    ooo, am looking forward to being relaxed and reflexologized now...


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