Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Sophie Dahl, Sweet Peas and Patty Pans

Am excited to get the new Sophie Dahl cookery book.  And my mum gave me a bunch of sweet peas, a butternut squash and some patty pans. I think the patty pans were from her garden too (along with the flowers), and am looking forward to eating them.
I am planning on cooking these chickpea and mushroom burgers from Sophie's book.
...and roasted squash with red onion and sage.



  1. Please can I come for lunch one day?

  2. Oh those recipes sound really lovely. Btw have you seen the new River Cottage book is Vegetarian? Really nice recipes and quite a few vegan ones or vegan adaptable!

  3. oo jen, will check it out. i did read an interview with hugh saying that he hardly ate meat or fish anymore...

  4. Lovely pics. Thanks for letting me know about fabric...going to look it up now! Suz


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