Monday, 26 September 2011

what we wore

I love 'what I wore' posts on other people's blogs. Unfortunately I look like an idiot when I try and do one myself. Bert looks pretty suave though.

anyone interested in what we wore? my mustard top is from H&M, bird tshirt from Topshop, skirt a gift from Bert's mum and boots (which I wear everyday and all through summer) from Vegetarian Shoes.

Bert is wearing Pop cords, and his shirt was a gift. On his trousers you can just see his tiger patch that I got him on etsy... and Bert wants me to point out that he is wearing his rainbow belt. That green strap is not a 'Mr Italian 2011' sash but his nice new kelly green flight bag bought through Amazon.


  1. You look gorgeous girl. I like these bits on peoples' blogs. I think it brings a bit of your personality into the mix. You don't look silly at all. Your clothes are lovely. I like your cute hair too. Bert looks cool. Cords are always a winner. x

  2. Great outfit - I like the colour and pattern mixing thing you've got going on.

  3. Loving your look lady! Your outfit totally rocks.


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