Wednesday, 5 October 2011

creative space

 A couple of weeks ago when I mentioned that I had nearly finished the top of the brown quilt, what I should have said was 'once I spend approximately another 20 hours sewing I will nearly have finished the top of the brown quilt'. It didn't help that I had to unpick a section which turned out to be correct anyway...

Back to thinking of the backing fabric! I only have a quarter of this gorgeous 'I Love You' fabric but wish I had enough for all the back. Am planning on just including it on the back anyway, which should look cute. What do you think of that other orange fabric with the blue trees? I'm considering it.

I've been working on the pink quilt too and bought some nice spotty lilac fabric to add to it. Again I screwed up by buying a pink fabric with different sized spots, so had to unpick and re-sew...

 See? No one could be happy with two different sized spots!

I really love the Amy Butler fabric that I got to go with it all. I like that it's a mixture of new and vintage fabrics...

(there are more creative spaces here... and lots of other places too...)


  1. My eyes have gone all funny looking at the spots!
    I like the blue tree fabric a lot.
    I'd be sooo tempted to sneak the odd wrong-size-spot piece in, just for the heck of it!

  2. Such pretty fabrics - and what an amazing amount of work! Fabulous project!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  3. You have been a busy little bee! Loving the colours together!

  4. yeah, sorry lucewoman - the spots are a bit much!! glad you like the tree fabric!!
    thank you jill and rie - i do actually have vitamin tablets called 'busy b's'....


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