Friday, 14 October 2011

glass hearts and crosses

I am at my mum and dad's for the weekend... looking on the computer I found some old photos of some of my glass pieces I used to make.  I used to make loads of these and sold quite a few to shops and galleries. I don't make them anymore, mainly because of lack of space (you need a kiln and a large area to get messy in) but also after a few years of making them I needed a break. Anyway... let me know what you think.x


  1. These are lovely, I'm very fond of anything which can possibly be pressed into service as a Christmas decoration. I especially like the blue heart and the last one.

  2. I think they're beautiful. I'd love to have the whole collection in my kitchen window. Maybe washing up would be more interesting then!

  3. these are so pretty!! perfect to sparkle in windows! and i live the idea of a christmas tree decorations too! :) xxkim

  4. Wow, they are very beautiful pieces, x


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