Saturday, 1 October 2011

halloween movies: eyes without a face

Hello October!
It's time to start thinking about Halloween.... and movies.
Each year Bert and I pick a couple of movies to add to our collection... and I thought I'd tell you about some of them. I could also do with some suggestions for what to buy this year, although I do have some restrictions...
I can't manage to watch anything too scary (I can't even watch Ghost Whisperer on my own) so prefer a kind of Hammer Horror level of scariness or something aimed at teenagers (fine, 12 year olds).

So, Eyes without a Face. Have you seen it? look at the picture below, don't you want to watch it right now?

I first saw it in the cinema and it is pretty creepy with great music. It's a black and white french film made in 1960 and the story is that this girl has had her face damaged in an accident and has to wear a mask, while her  father tires to make her a new face.

 Look at that awesome dress...

It's creepy and eerie rather than terrifying (so just about my level) and I feel I haven't done it justice as I don't want to spoil the plot at all, but it's a great atmospheric film that looks amazing.

Heres' a little clip - it's the beginning so won't spoil anything.

and here's the Billy Idol song of the same name...

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