Tuesday, 25 October 2011

halloween movies...

we started on our halloween movies early to fit them all in. I may have mentioned that am not very good with scary films, we have a new rule that we can't watch films that are meant for over fifteens.... we watched 'an american haunting' and it gave me bad dreams... am pretty feeble, hammer horror are more my level.

'An American Haunting' starring the wonderful Donald Sutherland. This film scared me a lot, Bert did not find it scary at all.
Sian marks - 7 out of 10
Bert marks - 5 out of 10

We enjoyed this, it was quite rubbish. I like to see Demi Moore pretending to be a novelist though. Pleasingly not scary or creepy at all, I could possibly even watch this alone.
Sian mark - 6/10
Bert mark - 5/10

 'Night of the Demon' (also known as Curse of the Demon) is from 1957 and has satanic cults, witchcraft and runes. Martin Scorsese says it's in his top 11 scariest films of all time. It's not that scary though... look at the demon in the picture below... he seems to be riding a bike. We both really enjoyed it but thought the main guy was a bit smug.

Sian mark - 8/10
Bert mark - 8/10

'Pumpkin Moon' is an animated film about a cat that grows a pumpkin and a fight between all the pumpkins and all the little witches.It has songs too. It was cute.

Sian mark 7/10
Bert mark  7/10

Blood and Chocolate - while we were watching it, Bert said 'this is worse than twilight' so I think you can take that as a guide. If you like 'Twilight' you might like this although it is nowhere near as good and is about werewolves rather than vamps.  The main character is a young woman who has to choose between her werewolf family and a human boy she has fallen in love with. Even though it has Olivier Martinez in it (I adored 'Horseman on the Roof') it's not very good.

Sian mark - 4/10
Bert mark - minus a million out of ten.

more halloween movie reviews to come.....
we are open to suggestions too... more classic horror rather than slasher types please.x


  1. Lookign forward to reading more about your Halloween movie reviews. I saw the title of blood and chocolate and got excited, then was disappointed. I will follow your advice and not bother with it at all. would love to watch Night of the devil and pumpkin moon though.

  2. ah. hate to put you off... but i usually like bad films too but found blood and chocolate a little dull... more 'reviews' to come!!hee.x


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