Sunday, 23 October 2011

reading update

I've been reading some good books recently, so I thought I'd share... am also up for some help and some recommends...
so this is what's been happening:

Going in Circles by Pamela Ribon
I liked this a lot - the main character splits up from her husband (or they take a break..) and she gets into roller derby to get over it. Afterwards I discovered her blog, which is great and funny, and I just wasted about 30 minutes over there just now while I went to get the url....

Whip it by Shauna Cross
More roller derby, and the book that the film was based on. It was good too and pretty similar to the film. I was sad when it was over.

Rum Diary by Hunter S Thompson
Bert said I should read it... and I wanted to read it before seeing the film too.  I started this after reading the two books on roller derby, and realy I just wanted to read more roller derby, but Hunter is so good, that I didn't mind that he didn't rollerskate once in this book, but sweated, drank rum and was mean to a lady.  Somehow I was hooked, even though there wasn't a whole lot going on. yep, Mr Thompson is good.

The Story of Mr Sommer by Patrick Suskind
This was incredibly cute and it has the most adorable illustrations by Sempe...

...who also illustrated the Nicolas books which I loved when I was little...

...not that I read them in French....
anyway, Mr Sommer is a short story about a little boy learning to cycle, play piano, and make friends.  The author also wrote 'Perfume' which I haven't read... well I started it and wasn't keen, but maybe I should give it another shot.

The Reading Promise by Alice Ozma

a non-fiction book that is about Alice's father reading to her every night before bed for 3218 nights! 3218! right up until she goes to college! It's incredibly sweet and is all about how important reading is and how you can connect through books. At the beginnning of this book I thought it was just ok... but then by the end I was crying when Alice went away to college and her Dad read to her for the last time.

Have you read any of these? what did you think? what are you reading that's good?
now to helping me!! We have a reading rule (I LOVE RULES!) in this house that we have to read a classic a year.  Now, we are nearing the end of October and I haven't read my classic yet (whereas Bert has read about 4 or 5)... so what should I read? I don't want to be too ambitious as I only have two months left and the attention span of a child..... so y'know a classic that's fun and not too thick....
thank you.x


  1. Can it be a more modern classic or does it have to be Austen style classic? I'm reading Geek Love by Katherine Dunn which is a modern cult classic. It's funny, creepy, heartwrenching and totally unique. I've always meant to read it and now i'm very glad i did!

  2. i keep meaning to read geek love.. so must get round to it. unfortunately, according to the rules (made up by bert) a classic in this case has to be at least 100 years old.x


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